What Are The Health Risks Associated With Mobile Phone Usage?

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However, there are some health risks associated with mobile phone usage. The most common one is an addiction to mobile phones called nomophobia which affects up to 43% of people who own a smartphone. It can be difficult for these individuals to interact face-to-face or have conversations without being distracted by their phone screen. There are also negative effects on sleep quality, anxiety levels, depression levels and cognitive development in children due to exposure from blue light emitted by cell phones.

The average person checks their phone 150 times per day.

On average it is said that a single person checks their phone 150 times a day. This is a lot and can easily lead to an addiction if the person does not have self-control over when they use their device. This problem is more prevalent in those people who need to constantly use a phone for work and among teenagers and young adults.

Smartphones emit radiation that is absorbed by the body and can cause cancer.

The biggest issue when it comes to mobile phones is the fact that they emit radiation. This radiation is absorbed by our bodies and has been linked to many different types of cancers, including brain tumours in children due to exposure from blue light emitted by cell phones.

Radiation from phones has been shown to impact brain development in children and teens, as well as cause sleep disturbances.

Mobile phone radiation has been found to greatly impact young children and teens. This radiation has been shown to cause sleep disturbances, which is a big deal for students and people who work long hours. It can also impact brain development in children and adolescents due to the blue light that it emits. This is one of the reasons that experts do not recommend people under the age of 18 to use cell phones, and the reduction of screen time, in general, is recommended.

There are no current studies on the effects of cell phone use on pregnant women or those with a pacemaker.

When it comes to pregnant mothers and pacemaker users, there is no current research on the effects of mobile phone usage. There are some concerns about what radiation emitted by cell phones may do to the baby in utero due to its penetration abilities and it could pose a threat if used near or around pacemakers, hence it is advisable that these types of people effectively reduce their usage.

Experts recommend using headsets when talking on your phone, keeping your screen brightness low, and not carrying your phone close to your head while it’s charging.

Using a headset can reduce the risks associated with exposure to radiation, as well as increase the sound quality. Keeping your phone’s screen brightness low and not carrying it close to you while charging can also reduce exposure; this is because dimming the brightness of a device reduces its output power and holding a cell phone away from one’s body decreases exposure by increasing distance between user and source.

Other risks associated with mobile phone usage.

Eye strain – Eye strain is caused by looking at your phone’s screen for long periods of time.
Skin irritation – The heat that comes from the phone can cause skin irritations like rashes and burns, especially if it is kept in pockets against bare skin.
Headaches – Mobile usage can also cause headaches because of the radiation being emitted.
Interference with other devices – Interference occurs when mobile phones are used in close proximity to other devices, such as wireless home phone or Bluetooth headsets. The device can lose its signal strength due to interference from this source.
Anxiety & Depression – Anxiety and depression are some of the mental health effects due to mobile phone usage. They also cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to these issues as well.
Brain cancer – Studies have linked this type of cancer with prolonged cell phone use over a long period of time.
Reduced productivity at work or school due to distractions from notifications and social media posts – Constantly checking your phone is associated with mobile phone addiction, and can be attributed greatly to social media, mobile games and other apps where you are constantly checking notifications.
Lower grades or problems at school – A study has shown that students who use their phones frequently during the day have lower grades, miss more days of class and show less improvement in college readiness skills than those who don’t use their phone as much.

It is recommended that children under 18 years old should only use wireless devices for emergencies because they’re more vulnerable than adults. Young children are more prone to addiction and health impacts from these devices.

While a phone can be a very useful device to have it is important that the health risks associated with mobile phone usage are fully understood, before you go ahead and look for a mobile phone for sale in Sri Lanka. There is some evidence that the electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless devices may affect brain activity, sleep patterns, and other aspects of our biology. More research needs to be done in order to determine if these effects are harmful or beneficial for humans over long periods of time, but there is no harm in being careful about your usage of such devices.