New cars for 2019 – what’s coming next year?

If you need evidence that the automotive industry is going through a seismic shift, just look at the Upcoming cars in January 2019. A large proportion of hybrid technology that will reduce emissions or even be powered by pure electric power will benefit.

However, this does not mean that cars have become boring, far from it. The first MINI Electric is designed with a sharp appearance and is designed to handle well and must accelerate like a hot aperture. New entrants to the electricity sector include models from major control companies such as Porsche and exciting new brands such as Polystar.

Important names will be replaced with UK car sales lists: new versions of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa, Volkswagen Golf, SEAT Leon and Renault Clio, 2019.

Alfa Romeo large SUV

Alfa Romeo launches the Stelvio SUV in 2017, but a larger model is expected in 2019. This model is likely to be based on the Maserati Levante, which offers access to 3.0-liter V6 engines and the expansion of SUVs before Having a. Above. The Alfa Romeo manager has already said he understands “where consumer preference goes” and increasing the profitability offered by SUVs.

Aston Martin Varekai

Originally with the code name Aston Martin DBX, it is likely that the first multi-purpose sports car of the British brand called Varekai when it reaches 2019. The name Aston, which means “anywhere” in Romanian, has been adequately described for the ability to go to any Place in the car. DBX was first introduced as a concept in 2015 and will be created in a new factory in Wales.

Audi A3
Although the upcoming Hatchback from the Audi A3 is not expected to be significantly different from its predecessor, it is likely to offer many new technologies. Much of this will focus on efficiency, so you can expect hybrid series engines that offer small increases in energy and economy, allowing the engine to stop for longer to reduce emissions. The driving assistance and advanced safety features should make the A3 car easier and safer than before.

Audi A9
While we know that the Audi A9 is in progress, we are not quite sure of its appearance, although the prototype of the Audi Prologue gives a fair signal. The A9 will be a two-door coupe, Audi’s response to cars such as the Mercedes SL and the BMW 8 Series, and expects to use hybrid technology with independent technology, high rotational speed and luxurious interior design.

Audi Q4
If you always want an Audi TT car, but you live on a muddy track, 2019 may be your lucky year. Audi Q4 is ready to take the design principles of the Audi TT Offroad, with the upper half inspired by the stylish sports car and the lower half of the SUV Crossover, with a protective lining of the body. With five doors, it must be very practical and you can expect a wide range of Audi engines and Quattro four-wheel drive option.

Audi RS Q5
The Audi RS Q5, shown here in our exclusive image, will feature the 444-horsepower V6 twin-turbo 2.9-liter engine developed in conjunction with the Porsche, also in the latest Audi RS5. As a member of the Audi RS family, you must have one of the most aggressive front end, an elliptical exhaust pipe, a rigid suspension system and a familiar yet luxurious interior design. The RS Q5 should have a surplus of performance, as the Barnstorming engine gets a RS5 Coupe from 0-62 mph in its 3.9 seconds high taste. While the heavier form of the RS Q5 SUV means that time will increase slightly, it should not do so for more than half a second.

Bentley Barnato
Bentley is planning a brand new model, and it seems increasingly likely that he will be a competitor to the Aston Martin Vantage sports cars. Inspired by the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, this car will be lighter and more focused than the Bentley Continental luxury car, with information on how to attract smaller customers to the brand. If chosen, Barnato’s name would be a fitting tribute to Woolf Barnato, one of the “Bentley Boys” and one of the only race drivers who won all the races he entered in Le Mans.

Bentley EV
Bentley has already confirmed that its group will be electrically powered by 2025, and 2019 will witness the first ever electric model. The technology will be shared with the Porsche Mission e and Bentley design director, Stefan Silaf, who told us that the Bentley F will have four or five seats and a “real Cuban or sporty style”, excluded from the SUV.

BMW 1 Series
The next generation of BMW is not expected to look very different from the outside, but there will be a big change under it. Series 1 will share the theater with the BMW X1 and the MINI Clubman, which means that the front-wheel-drive rear-wheel drive will replace it to date the premium series 1 in its class. The strong versions will have a four-wheel drive for additional traction, and BMW said the new design will provide more passenger space and shoes and better fuel efficiency.


The BMW Z4 is developing along with the next generation of the Toyota Supra, but while the Subra will be the specific coupe cap, the Z4 2018 will keep the soft top of its predecessor. It must also be more focused, with an acute and practical driving experience, making it ideal for road b explosions. It is understood that BMW is resisting the trend towards reducing the size of a bicycle, so Z4 must have powerful gasoline engines of four and six cylinders,

Drives consumer demand for the automotive industry, so if it looks like a new SUV is being advertised every day, it’s just a reflection of market trends. The Citroen Aircross C5 has a slightly different approach to the shape of the SUV, however, the stereotypical stereotypical model of Citroën provides the package that says the brand is “critical without being aggressive”. That distinctive body falls under the same mechanical spine that the Peugeot 3008, while Citroen confirmed that the range of engines to respond to the Nissan Qashqai to include 163, 197 horsepower gasoline and 300bhp hybrid configuration.

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Cupra Ibiza
SEAT produced a brand new sport for Cupra in 2018, and in 2019 it is expected to reach Cupra Ibiza and Cupra Ateca. A super-heated slot was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show with black and bronze wheels and aggressive touches, while the modified gasoline engine may produce about 200 horsepower. A stricter suspension is also expected, while it is likely to offer a double-clutch automatic gearbox, or even a standard.

2020 Volkswagen Passat Preview

The latest offering from Volkswagen is in the form of 2020 Passat that is expected to hit the roads of America. The top dealers providing the best Volkswagen service Greensboro are no doubt keen to educate their customers about the efficacy of the brand new model that combines both the old and the new artfully.

The cost has been touted to be modest thereby reliving the Auto enthusiasts greatly. However, you cannot expect the price to come down though but it might mean doling out an additional amount that would not affect your budget. With two trim levels being available for 2019 model, the latest Passat is going to provide the car owners with double the value as the Volkswagen promises to have 4 different varieties of trim including a limited edition option.

The exterior is likely to please you greatly as it is going to be revamped totally and definitely an improvement over the 2019 model. You can thus expect the LED headlights as well as the taillights take on a slimmer look while the badging is going to be considerably prominent. You are welcome to settle for the standard wheels sized 17 inches or go up a notch more by choosing the slightly bigger 18-inch or 19-inch alternatives. Unfortunately, it might not be enough to sway the modern generation who demand more from their car that doubles up as a style accessory.

The clean cut looks and modern design of the 2019 Passat remain intact as the users had reported being pleased with it. The décor inside the car will depend on the type of trim used though with Volkswagen offering the conventional fabric seats as well as the Napa leather and V-Tex leatherette in four distinct colors.

Complete details of the interior features are yet to be out although Volkswagen has hinted at heated seats and memory enabled driver seating. Automatic climate control, totally adaptive headlights with amazing range of control along with automatic dimming rear view mirror are sure to be found in the 2020 Passat as well. Keyless entry and push button start along with voice control of features will also remain in force as per the Volkswagen Press Release.

Automobile owners have something exciting to look forward to in its infotainment system though. The standard model will come with a SiriusXM trial for 3 months with Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, Android Auto being available for the standard versions too.

Speak with a professional at a service center of Volkswagen Greensboro NC and you will come to know that 2020 Passat is merely a kind of old wine a new bottle with its platform and engine remaining unchanged while the interiors have been spruced up considerably.

Author Bio: Anthony Wessal has been an Auto reviewer for decades and a regular contributor to Automobile magazines. He suggests waiting for the reviews of the new 2020 Volkswagen Passat to surface before booking it.

Guide To Pick Right Auto Body Shops In Calgary

If you need to replace your car engine, then you should choose a reliable auto shop. The experts check the engine quality and replace it quickly.

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Look out Experience and Equipment

The experience is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the auto shop. The experienced experts have the skill to handle advanced technology and tools to repair the vehicle.

They complete the service in a proper manner. You should also look out the equipment used by the experts. The professional team updates their equipment to repair the vehicle quickly.

The expert technician receive the right training in the field. So they identify the problems faster and fix them.

Consider the quality of auto repair services

Before choosing the auto shop, you should look out the quality of service. Some of the auto shops provide premium quality services.

You can check the customer review to get more details about the auto shop. When the company provides quality services, they will receive good reviews from the customers.

The best full-services auto repair shop which has an excellent reputation in offering the reliable and hassle free services they offer excellent auto repair services to the clients.

Check warranty

You should check the auto shop offer a warrant or not. Some of the shops provide a warranty to the customers. Always you can get the warranty on the auto body work.

The warranty is vital that the vehicle owners secure from paying the money to fix the problems in the car.

In this method, the car owners are covered against the damage and defects. You can get the spare parts switched out when required.

Compare service cost

The service cost is another critical factor to look out when choosing the auto shop. The price of service varies from one auto shop to another.

You must compare the service cost from a different company and pick an affordable one to repair your vehicle.


The car is one of the important vehicles for people. Many people are having a car to reach their destination securely and on time. If the car is damaged in the accident and needs to repair or change the car parts, then you can choose the reputed auto body store.